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Wizard german

Ken Fisher, creator of Superquiz, proudly presents Wizard, the ultimate card game. No other card game combines such ease of learning with such opportunity for skillful play. In fact, it is the only game which a master player can consistently win regardless of the cards dealt. While definitely a game of skill, young and/or inexperienced players can join in without disturbing the quality of play.


"One endowed with exceptional skill or able to achieve something held to be impossible." - Webster's Dictionary

Wizard®: A family game for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up.


A 60-card deck consisting of cards of 4 colours with numbers 1 through 13 plus four Wizards (Z) and four Jesters (N). The Jesters are lowest in value, followed by two up to ace, with Wizards highest in value. A score pad is included.

  • complete german version
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