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Ionix Pokémon - Basic Playset

Pokémon Basic Playset

  • IONIX: the next dimension of construction play! Bricks compatible with other major brands, but they shapeshift to become mini-figures, gadgets & more.
  • Build Pokémon Pancham and Eevee Mini-Figures, plus the Rockslide Playset. Activate the Rockslide, surprising your opponent with a boulder attack!
  • Pokemon Pancham does its best to be taken seriously by enemies, while Eevee adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms.
  • IONIX Pokemon Mega Figure set is for ages 6-14 and comes with 66 pieces of IONIX shapeshifting bricks and additional accessories.


  • Ionix Pokémon - Basic Playset
  • Mini Pokémon Figures (Pam-Pam und Evoli)
  • Accessories
  • total 66 pieces
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