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YuGiOh! Shadow Specters 24 Booster box german

Trick-or-Treating will last through the whole holiday season, thanks to the ghosts and ghouls in the year’s final booster set: Shadow Specters! Halloween horrors abound in this 100-card booster set, from the scary to the silly. Vampires are front and center in this set, with a whole series of new Vampire monsters, spells, and traps. If you like a more whimsical All-Hallows’ experience, check out the pranks and mischief of a haunted house filled with lovable spooks. Evil threatens the kingdom but Noble Knights get support to defend it, including new Xyz and Synchro monsters, a new Knight, a new Noble Arms card, and a card inspired by the Lady of the Lake herself! Even the Monarchs go to a new level with the first of the new, and even more powerful, Super Monarchs! These are just a few of the highlights in this spooktacular booster set, so get your bag ready as the treats flow forth!

A Booster contains 9 german cards


  • 24 german boosters

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