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YuGiOh! Duelist Alliance Booster german

YuGiOh! Duelist Alliance Booster german

Following its premiere at the Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown have the pendulum monsters in the booster packs of Duelist Alliance their really big show! Half monster and half Spell Card, help these magical creatures the duelists in turning the tide in the battle yet, using pendulum incantations, the powerful new game mechanics in Yu-GI-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, which guarantees like no mechanism previously will affect the course of battle.

For the first time in six years in Duelist Alliance, a new type of monster is presented: Wyrm! These fearless cousins ​​of the dragons can defy any monstrous challenge.

Duelists can also look forward to a new deck theme based on "Dante's Inferno", one of the great literary classics of the Western world.

A Booster Duelist Alliance contains:

  • 9 random cards
  • including one rare card


Players: 2 Ages: 6 + Duration: 30 min






  • YuGiOh! Duelist Alliance Booster german
  • A Booster Duelist Alliance contains:  9 random cards, including one rare card

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