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YuGiOh! Crossed Souls 24 Booster Display german

YuGiOh! Crossed Souls 24 Booster Display german

Crossed Souls unlocks new Deck-building opportunities like never before for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. This 100-card set introduces the Zefra monsters, a new monster omni-theme that crosses over five different Deck types!

Each Zefra monster is tied in to a popular monster group from recent sets, making them either Zefra/Shaddoll, Zefra/’tellarknight, Zefra/Yang Zing, Zefra/Nekroz, or Zefra/Ritual Beast. Duelists with any of these Decks can add their new Zefra monsters to spice the Deck up, OR build a Deck entirely of Zefra monsters, tying all five together!

While their cross-theme potential and monster effects vary, all Zefra monsters can take advantage of the new, powerful Zefra Spell & Trap Cards in Crossed Souls, magnifying the power boost that Zefra monsters give to any Deck that includes them. At the same time, a pure Zefra Deck (or a Deck with appropriate Zefra splash) can now gain increased access to Shaddoll, ‘tellarknight, Yang Zing, Nekroz, and Ritual Beast cards!

Zefra monsters open up unprecedented crossover Deck-building avenues, but Crossed Souls also arms Duelists with new non-Zefra cards for their Burning Abyss, Madolche, Infernoid, U.A., Yosenju, and other Decks.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossed Soulss consists of  total 100 cards (not included in the display!)

  • 48 Common Cards
  • 20 Rare Cards
  • 14 Super Rare Cards
  • 10 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 8 Secret Rare Cards


A booster pack Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossed Souls includes:

9 random cards including one rare card

  • YuGiOh! Crossed Souls 24 Booster Display german
  • 24 Booster-Packs à 9 Cards

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