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YuGiOh! Secrets of Eternity 24 Booster Box german

YuGiOh! Secrets of Eternity 24 Booster Box german

The new year starts with a bang: Secrets of Eternity, the first booster set the year, any amount includes new cards for all occasions!

Secrets of Eternity provides reinforcements for popular tournament topics such as Burning Abyss, shadow puppets or Star Knight, but also strengthens new topics such as Qliphort, artist buddy or Super Strong samurai further.

In addition, a new diabolical is a theme at the start (Infernoid), but Secrets of Eternity also supports popular older topics such as Gem-Knight, Dragunity, Deformer, Wind-Up, Volcanic or monarch again with new cards!

Content: Secrets of Eternity Booster consists of: A total of 100 cards (not included in the display)

  • 48 Common Cards
  • 20 Rare Cards
  • 14 Super Rare Cards
  • 10 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 8 Secret Rare Cards

A booster pack Secrets of Eternity Booster includes:

  • 9 random cards
  • including one rare card
  • YuGiOh! Secrets of Eternity 24 Booster Box german
  • 24 Booster-Packs à 9 cards

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